A Game which will change your view on online gaming for Good – Happy Wheels

Happy wheels unblocked/hacked is a browser based indie game built on black humor created by Jim Bonacci in 2010.Given that this is a racing game,the developer has added some features to it over time.Such examples are; flying body parts,dark humor,lots of new fascinating characters and captivating obstacles.This has made the game more interesting and provided a challenge to the online gamers.The game is not only non standard but also famous for its graphic violence.

A Game which will change your view on online gaming for Good - Happy Wheels
The main objective of all levels of gameplay is to get to the finish line without any damages.The purpose is to have fun,pass through the obstacles.You need to take your inadequately prepared character and ignore the grave consequences in your anguished search for victory.Hear are some of the characters in the game.

The Mechanics of the gameplay varies depending on the capability of a character and the structural design of the level
Grandfather in the turbojet wheelchair
The guy on the segway
A fat man in a helicopter
A woman on the food cart
A traveler on the trolley

shift&ctrl – secondary actions
Z button – Eject
Spacebar – Main action of your character
Up&Down – Move forward or Backward
Left & Right – lean in different directions

funny moment
The Graphics of the game enables the game to run in any computer given that you can adjust the quality of the graphics which will suit you and also be compatible to your computer (high,medium and low quality).
The game enables you regulate the amount of particles to be shown on the screen at a time.The examples are glass particles,blood and splintered wood. Lowering the number of particles increases performance of the game.
Smoothing and Compressed texture feature are used in bitmaps and speed up the loading of a level.

You must try it out because you will definitely love the experience of happy wheels 3 demo.