Have Fun With Raze 4

Raze 4Introduction

It is a platform side scrolled game with two modes – human and alien. This new version is even more action packed than all previous versions, offering new and better player experience. It offers players great gaming time and fun. It allows players choose a team of humans or aliens and hunt down the other team. Writing a Raze 4 review is easier if individual experience is included in the reviewing process. Also, we have new amazing quiz game and also it’s quiz answers, give it a try.

Game Play and Experience

People who have experience in gaming will find it easy to move around. The controls stick to the traditional arrows or WASD keys. You move around, through the different levels and try to kill the enemy to advance to the next level.

Q and E moves through the different weapons and enter, shift and number keys do the same. Mouse wheel is helpful with that as well. Normal pause key is P.

There are more levels than before and each level has different modes of difficulty to make the game even more exciting. Humans and aliens have different levels. The first levels in human campaign could be called try outs or tutorials.

Basic steps are talked about and the idea of the game is clearly explained, and then other modes can be unlocked. Every Raze 4 review will say that experienced players might find it boring, but it is a great starting point for first time players.

During the game, players can unlock achievements and there is also in-game shop available to purchase upgrades from the killed enemies.


This little game proves that side-scrollers can be action packed and interesting. Each new level offers a new challenge and some levels take time to figure out. The experience as a whole will keep players on the edge of their seats and build the excitement all the way through.
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