World of solitaire or house of cards

house of cardsWelcome on the world of solitaire .One of the oldest game of computer yet the most famous. The world of solitaire was introduced back in 2011.This classic version of card game gives it a newer and fresher look with a lot more options and games. It is developed by Robert Schultz. The game is developed on DHTML which is highly modified version of solitaire. It does not require flash only JavaScript for its running. It is easy accessible through to menu as you open the game. No need of moving your cursor here and there to find start button, just open the application select the game and get on with it.

Good news for cards loving

One thing that makes it even more interesting for card loving fans that it has up to 50 varieties of different card games including spider, pyramid, Klondike and free cell play. The best thing is that every game that you select to play has complete set of instructions .Read the instructions get on with your cards game. To develop more interest in your game you can change different backgrounds .The backgrounds are colorful and opulent including wood panel, tile, clouds, denim, blue daisies or you can set your own background theme by adding in URL. Decks of the cards can also be changed to Paris, Anglo American, Egypt and much more.

Striking features and more.

It also features of best looking and largest sized cards. You can also animate cards and the deal to make it more striking. Speed of animation cards can also change to your desired wish making it faster or slower. Your timer, scores and moves can also be showed on screen so you can keep the track of your statics .It also features undo move so its ok if you made a mistake you can change it in the game. It is a convenient game for passing time.

World of solitaire or house of cards

Hassel free game

It is just a click away if you have internet is perfect way to play it online. The game in simple yet attractive. This game full of features is free to use you need not pay subscription fee. It has sign up where you can register and check your statics which stay there forever and can be taken to another computer. How easy and hassle free the whole game setup is .If you have really become expert in the game .There are also challenges for with three difficulty levels easy, medium and hard. They are pre-determined test s are the winners before staring they can do skill test. There are no hard and fast rules on the game. After selecting the game one must read the instruction carefully. Only simple mouse keys or if you are using laptop mouse pad keys are required to play the game .