Here is Apple Shooter for all the Shooting Stars!

Are you a person who loves aiming at a target and takes pride in shooting it with accuracy? If yes, then here is an online game just for you named Apple shooter. BTW do you enjoy running games? There is new release, third version of popular Run 3 game and it has unblocked mode as well.

Overview :
Apple shooter is a game based on archery. It is developed by Wolf Games. You use a bow and arrows to hit an apple. What makes the game interesting is that the apple is placed on your friend’s head. So aim right buddy or you might just end up hurting your friend and being called a bad archer.

apple shooter
Getting Started :
As told earlier you have to target the apple placed over your friend’s head. The task is made tough by providing you limited number of bows and arrows. It becomes more challenging with every passing level since the distance keeps on increasing by 5 feet every time you move on to the next level. This tests your skill of perfection. Be patient, don’t hurry and hit the apple at bullseye. There are two modes to play in the game- a classic mode and second is the normal mode. In classic mode you can hit multiple targets at once using the bows and arrows. With your precision keep unlocking different achievements on completion of missions. What more, you can challenge your friends to beat you and increase the fun by 10 folds!

Controls of the game :
You can play this game by the simple use of mouse. Click the left mouse button to drag the arrow back. Keep holding the button to increase the strength of the shot. The longer you hold that button, the more powerful will be your shot. Release the button to let go off your arrow and hit the target. That is how easy it is to play this online archery game.

Features :
The web interface of the game is very clean. It is very user friendly and is very easy to play. Though as you move ahead through the levels it starts challenging you. The controls of the game being only the use of mouse makes it a smooth sail-through.

Round 4
All in all, if you are looking for a game that would test your archery skills and that which would help you to kill your time then you must give Apple Shooter a try. It is a fun game with no jumbling controls. The game will start testing your patience and precision after a few levels but it will never get boring. So, off you go shooting! If you want to play Apple Shooter please follow official site.

Impossible Quiz 4 – The legendary quiz game

Impossible Quiz 4 is the latest version of one of the most epic quiz game developed by the company Not Doppler. A lot of new elements have been added in the game to make it funnier and challenging than ever before. They have made the game interactive and entertaining by adding new music, attractive graphics and questions that will make you scratch all corners of your brain. The game is widely known to test how smart and clever you are by making the whole experience funny and making you want more every time you play it.

impossible quiz 4
Objective of the game:

The objective of the game is similar to most quizzes. You need to answer all the questions in the game to successfully complete it. Some questions are timed, which need you to act fast and there are questions in which answers are cleverly hidden in. You have 3 lives and lose a life after each wrong answer. Once you lose all 3 lives you start from the beginning. So you need a lot of patience to finish the quiz. If you do you are one of the few who did.


The game has been designed with great attention to detail. The questions are colorful and bright. there is a wide variety of sound effects and animation which entice your emotions and make it a wonderful experience to play a quiz game.

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The instructions are pretty much simple. With the given 3 lives you need to defeat the quiz by answering all questions. The game offers some leeway to players by giving skips after completing a certain number of questions. You can skip a question if you find it too difficult. Although there are some questions that cannot be skipped. There are some questions known as bomb questions which offer a generous 10 seconds to an unbelievable 1 second to answer a question.

Test 51
Controls of the game:

Impossible quiz 4 is a simple point to click game. You can use your mouse to point and left-click on one of the options to answer a question. Some questions require you to left-click and drag to complete certain tasks. Overall the controls are very simple and do not require any effort on the players part to master it.

Guide to online flash football game – Return man

This Return Man guide is a short description of the highly successful series of games developed by ESPN for with excellent graphics for online flash play. Football based they follow the rules of the full size game and have a number of attractive features.

return man game
Game Versions and Instructions
There are ten games currently available in four generations with some interesting variations. In the standard versions the player plays as a receiver and the aim is to guide your man all the way down field into the end zone for a touchdown. For a different perspective the game player becomes the Linebacker in a couple of versions who must make the tackle and prevent a score.
A newer version called Wideout sees the receiver have to make the play selected by the coach and time the run to the line to complete a successful score. A more structured choice is the Season which includes fifteen weeks of games each one being broken down in to a number of different stages and levels.
If you fancy something a little more out of the ordinary you can choose the Mud-bowl and Zombie versions which add a little extra spice to the proceedings. The first has you slipping ans sliding across a rain soaked and puddled surface, the latter is a straight match-up between zombies and humans with a slight change in that you must score before the opposition eats your brain matter. This game is really entertaining, you should also try Wheels Happy.

return man
Game Controls
The basic game gives you the chance to pick up power ups and to unlock special moves. The more developed games give you multiple key control options where IJKL are the directional control default keys with the alternative set of ASDW if you prefer the left handed route. A third choice is to use the arrow keys. If you want to perform a dive tackle hit the space bar. The special move buttons for bull rush, swim and shuck have their own designated keys depending on your primary key selection. In order to play Return Man 3 please visit official ESPN arcade site.