Impossible Quiz 4 – The legendary quiz game

Impossible Quiz 4 is the latest version of one of the most epic quiz game developed by the company Not Doppler. A lot of new elements have been added in the game to make it funnier and challenging than ever before. They have made the game interactive and entertaining by adding new music, attractive graphics and questions that will make you scratch all corners of your brain. The game is widely known to test how smart and clever you are by making the whole experience funny and making you want more every time you play it.

impossible quiz 4
Objective of the game:

The objective of the game is similar to most quizzes. You need to answer all the questions in the game to successfully complete it. Some questions are timed, which need you to act fast and there are questions in which answers are cleverly hidden in. You have 3 lives and lose a life after each wrong answer. Once you lose all 3 lives you start from the beginning. So you need a lot of patience to finish the quiz. If you do you are one of the few who did.


The game has been designed with great attention to detail. The questions are colorful and bright. there is a wide variety of sound effects and animation which entice your emotions and make it a wonderful experience to play a quiz game.

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The instructions are pretty much simple. With the given 3 lives you need to defeat the quiz by answering all questions. The game offers some leeway to players by giving skips after completing a certain number of questions. You can skip a question if you find it too difficult. Although there are some questions that cannot be skipped. There are some questions known as bomb questions which offer a generous 10 seconds to an unbelievable 1 second to answer a question.

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Controls of the game:

Impossible quiz 4 is a simple point to click game. You can use your mouse to point and left-click on one of the options to answer a question. Some questions require you to left-click and drag to complete certain tasks. Overall the controls are very simple and do not require any effort on the players part to master it.