Guide to online flash football game – Return man

This Return Man guide is a short description of the highly successful series of games developed by ESPN for with excellent graphics for online flash play. Football based they follow the rules of the full size game and have a number of attractive features.

return man game
Game Versions and Instructions
There are ten games currently available in four generations with some interesting variations. In the standard versions the player plays as a receiver and the aim is to guide your man all the way down field into the end zone for a touchdown. For a different perspective the game player becomes the Linebacker in a couple of versions who must make the tackle and prevent a score.
A newer version called Wideout sees the receiver have to make the play selected by the coach and time the run to the line to complete a successful score. A more structured choice is the Season which includes fifteen weeks of games each one being broken down in to a number of different stages and levels.
If you fancy something a little more out of the ordinary you can choose the Mud-bowl and Zombie versions which add a little extra spice to the proceedings. The first has you slipping ans sliding across a rain soaked and puddled surface, the latter is a straight match-up between zombies and humans with a slight change in that you must score before the opposition eats your brain matter. This game is really entertaining, you should also try Wheels Happy.

return man
Game Controls
The basic game gives you the chance to pick up power ups and to unlock special moves. The more developed games give you multiple key control options where IJKL are the directional control default keys with the alternative set of ASDW if you prefer the left handed route. A third choice is to use the arrow keys. If you want to perform a dive tackle hit the space bar. The special move buttons for bull rush, swim and shuck have their own designated keys depending on your primary key selection. In order to play Return Man 3 please visit official ESPN arcade site.