Super Smash Flash 2 – Quick Review

Super Smash Flash 2 – Quick ReviewIf all the pixel madness in Super Smash Flash wasn’t enough, the sequel takes its gameplay to a whole new level with four new features that enhance the game into being all the more challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

Gameplay :

The basic objective of the game is to make your way through five well designed combat levels that throw specific and unique challenges at you. The game also employs certain dynamics such as damage ratio and in bound item frequencies (these items allow your character to exhibit special traits) to render a gripping experience.

For those who aren’t familiar, Super Smash Flash 2 presents its users two modes of gameplay – solo and group and it also includes unblocked version. Much hasn’t changed from the initial release and a total of 24 characters are playable across various different levels. All multiplayer games are timed with a default setting at three minutes. However, this can be modified in the settings menu.

The only addition comes in the form of newer attack features that allow your character to grab, taunt, shield and execute special moves. Due to this, the multiplayer mode now enables you to play a special versus match in which you get to choose your own special attacks. While the solo campaign remains the same, it is arguably much more diverse in terms of variety.

Controls :

The controls are pretty straightforward and easy to operate. Any PC gamer who is used to first person shooters or tactical games will have no trouble adapting to the specified layout. The good news is, if you run into trouble with the default controls, you can reassign the keys to your comfort in the settings menu. If you’re a fan of the original release, you might recall having to use only six buttons in total. Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 increases that count to nine allowing a greater degree of control over characters. This also brings in a refreshing immersiveness within the game that was once all about block and attack. Multiple modes of attack directly result in more competitive fights that require a certain degree of pre planning.

Here’s the complete set of default controls:

Movement Keys – A,S,D
Jump – W (Double tap launches your character higher)
Grab – U
Shield – I
Special Attack – O
Melee Attack – P
Taunt/Intimidate- 1
Begin Game – Space
Pause Game – Backspace

What Was Good, Just Got Better!

All things considered, Super Smash Flash 2 presents itself as a well oiled, meaner version of its first iteration. For fans and newcomers alike, this game is sure to take them back to the good old 90’s.